Undergraduate program
Undergraduate program

Undergraduate program

Undergraduate program

Emphasis is on fundamental mechanical subjects, drafting skills, and laboratory work. In view of the recent trend toward the employment of automatized machines such as robots, the curriculum also focuses on electronic and electronic engineering, automatic control, and computerized systems and networks.
Manufacturing is related to a wide specialized field, for example, Machine, Electricity, Chemistry, and Art as indicated in manufacturing the automobile.
Therefore the curriculum composition of our department consists of the following three points where importance is put.

1. Basic Scholarship Necessary for Manufacturing

Our department attaches importance to Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics to give student the ability to solve various problems oneself.
The curriculum is composed of three subjects, Introduction, Basis, and Specialty, to be able to improve your ability step by step.

2. Practicing Education Necessary to Learn Base of Manufacturing

The practicing education is divided into the experience type and the problem solving type.
There is Mechanical Engineering Practice in the first grade, and Electrical Engineering Practice in the third grade as the experience type.
Student would be able to find the interesting of Manufacturing, and learn a relation between Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering through these subjects.
There are Machine Design and CAD/CAM as the problem solving type.
Student would be able to acquire the engineering sense by learning these subjects.

3. Computer Education Necessary for Manufacturing

A computer is one of requisite tools for engineers.
Student would be able to acquire skills of computer programming and computer application.

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Graduate program

Our curriculum in the graduate school focuses not only on giving professional knowledge, but is designed so that the students acquire basic engineering scholarship through research activities. In our department, professors in specific fields lead the research projects with the assistance of many other faculty members, and the academic standard is high, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Emphasis is placed on basic studies such as mechanics of elasticity, plasticity and fracture, engineering mechanics, thermal engineering, fluids engineering, material processing. Application research programs in such fields as internal combustion engines, automotive engineering, and control engineering also are well established. Adjunct Professors from other universities and industrial research laboratories fortify our curriculum. The high academic standard of our department manifests itself in the numerous activities of our faculty members in professional societies. Graduates from our department are highly recognized among universities, government research laboratories and industries.

  • Large-Structure Testing Laboratory
  • Center for Experimental Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel Laboratory
  • Center for Experimental Aerodynamics Field Experiment Laboratory
  • Multipurpose Test Track For Automotive Vehicles
  • Chemical Analysis Center
  • Machining Technology Center
  • Surveying Center
  • Advanced Materials Science Center
  • Joint Research Center on Environment-Preservation and Disaster-Resistant City
  • Open Research Center Project
  • High Tech Research Center Development Project
  • Research Center for Micro-Functional Devices